“Blue Card” work permit in Bulgaria.

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“Blue Card” work permit in Bulgaria


A work and residence permit option is offered to non-EU nationals. It’s the blue card! provided that they are highly qualified.
The European Blue Card program gives highly qualified non-Europeans the opportunity to work and live in Bulgaria for up to 4 years.
The advantages of the European Blue Card
– It offers a long period of employment
– You have the possibility with her of having your family reside with you during the entire period of your employment
– If your business is in the IT sector, the procedure is even faster.
– If a foreign employee is unemployed, he has the right to find and resume a new job within 3 months without losing the European Blue Card.

Restrictions on the European Blue Card
The European Blue Card allows foreign employees to work in Bulgaria only for certain employers, and only on the basis of authorization conditions in terms of place of work, position and period of work. Foreigners can only change employer during the first two years of employment after obtaining written permission from the Bulgarian Employment Agency.
People who can obtain the said blue card
All highly qualified non-EU nationals can obtain the European Blue Card provided they prove the following:
★ Diploma or other educational documents certifying that they have completed at
least 3 years of study in an educational institution recognized as a college or
university in their country / region;
★ Professional experience in the corresponding position;
★ An employment contract lasting at least one year with an agreed salary of at least 1.5 times the Bulgarian average salary.

Authorities responsible for issuing blue cards
– The national employment agency
– The Directorate of Migration

The procedure

To apply for the European Blue Card, foreigners must first obtain a highly qualified work permit. This before his arrival on Bulgarian territory. The Bulgarian Employment Agency issues a highly qualified work permit. Within 15 calendar days after submitting the relevant request and required documents. The procedure for obtaining a permit from the employment office must be initiated by the local employer
from abroad. The latter must pay the national taxes due. Once the application is approved, you must apply for a “category D” visa at the
Bulgarian embassy or consulate in your home country. Then, on your arrival in the territory, you can apply for a Bulgarian Blue Card.
Foreigners must submit an application to the Immigration Service of the Ministry of the Interior at least 7 days before the expiration of the long-term visa. By attaching the following documents:
– a copy of their valid international passport, including the long-term residence
visa issued,
– Proof of insurance.
– Standard request form (SEE HERE)
– Diploma or other educational document, proving a university / college diploma, legalized
and translated
– Work experience documents, legalized and translated
– Employment contract with a Bulgarian company
– Documents of the employing company – certificate of good reputation, declarations, results of market tests, etc.
Finally, the employment office automatically issues permission to the immigration office to engage in high-quality work. The request for the issuance of the European Blue Card will be examined and examined within 7 days of its submission.
Otherwise, it is possible to come to Bulgaria as a highly qualified employee if you have a residence of at least 18 months in an EU country as a holder of the European Blue Card. All you need to do is apply for a blue card in Bulgaria from the Directorate of Migration in the
month following your entry into the territory.

To recap, to obtain the Bulgarian blue card, you will need to apply for a highly qualified work permit from your country of residence to the national employment agency. Then if accepted, apply for a type D visa and finally make a request for a blue card from the Directorate of Migration. That’s all for you.

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