Customer protection.

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Customer protection

Consultations in procedure of obtaining a bank credit

If you are looking for bank financing, there are certain criteria, conditions and requirements that must be complied in order to obtain a loan. They also depend from the types of the credit classified by: its purpose, the repayment period, the degree of collateral, the way of absorption and repayment.

The law firm provides an advice on the type and scope of the pre-contract information that should be obtained from the financial institution. We give clarification of:

  • the financial and legal consequences of the right of withdrawal under the consumer credit agreement;
  • the financial and legal consequences, related to the right of early repayment of the credit;

We also provide:

  • Submission of complaints in case of infringement of client’s rights;
  • Reporting infringement of borrower’s rights;
  • Litigation- establishment of invalidity of unfair terms in court proceedings;

Preparation of bank credit contract

During the process of considering the client’s request, additional questions, clarifications and requirements from the bank may also arise. Each bank has specifics in determining the risk profile of its clients, requirements for a certain level of creditworthiness, repayment ability and others.

We provide preparation of bank contract according to the Bulgarian legislation and considering the relevant terms and circumstances as well as the financial condition of the customer.

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