Sales and acquisitions, lease contracts.

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Sales and acquisitions, lease contracts

According to the Bulgarian legislation sale and purchase of a real estate should be executed via a contract according to which the seller is obliged to transfer to the buyer the ownership right over a specific real estate for a price that the buyer is obliged to pay. This happens via a title deed.

The law firm provides advice on the legal aspects of real estate sales and acquisitions:

  • Analysis of the legal history, the ownership title documents and urban status of the properties
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for a transfer of the ownership of the real estate
  • Drafting and/or review of a preliminary real estate sale & purchase agreement;
  • Overall legal assistance in conveyancing of the deal.

The leasing contracts is governed by Bulgarian legislation as a form for granting temporary use of goods for consideration. There are two types of leasing in view of their economic objective – operational and financial leasing. In this area the law firm provides:

  • Conducting negotiations with lessees/lessors;
  • Drafting lease agreements, notifications, demands, applications etc.
  • Representation in disputes
  • Consulting in case of breach of contractual obligations
  • Protection of the right of ownership through proceedings
  • Entry of lease agreements into the Registry Office

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